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Grain Silo Home
Grain Silo Home
Grain Silo Home
Grain Silo Home

Modern Home on top of Grain Silo

LOMOUC, CZECH REPUBLIC - a modern concrete box on top of a 1943 grain silo, a stark contrast to the neo-Gothic spires that dominate this small city about 175 miles east of Prague. The architects Tomas Pejpek and Szymon Rozwalka envisioned “a radical gesture” that involved anchoring 240 tons of concrete and steel beams to the empty silo. A design that cost about $1 million to build. An elevator takes residents up 80 feet from the street to this three-bedroom, 3,660-square-foot house. The interior is almost entirely open, centered around a living and dining area with a massive oak table, an Italian leather couch and a floor-to-ceiling bookcase. Overlooking it, on the level above, is a pillow-strewn sitting area with a glass-covered hole that once served as a funnel for grain. The open design also allows unimpeded views of the city’s medieval, Gothic and Baroque architecture. 

The property won the 2008 Architecture Grand Prix, the highest Czech architectural prize, awarded annually by the Society of Czech Architects and the Czech Chamber of Architects.

Source: The New York Times





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