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Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily. Some of the finest luxury real estate is Sardinia is located on the north-east coast, known as Costa Smeralda, a picturesque seaside area with crystal clear turquoise waters, glamorous lifestyle and magnificent waterfront villas and estates. A prime destination for the top vacation home buyers around the world.

Since the development by Aga Khan in the 1960s Costa Smeralda has turned into a playground for the rich and famous and prized holiday destination for the billionaires, A-list movie stars and world’s political and business leaders.

Aga Khan, a patron of architecture and preservation, attracted an abundance of world class creative minds, architects, investors and artists to give their skilled contribution to the development of this naturally breathtaking region in Sardinia. Costa Smeralda have been transformed into one of the most prestigious and luxurious resort destinations in the Mediterranean, while preserving the treasure of nature in this beautiful part of Sardinia. The conditions for development of new properties insisted being harmonious to the surrounding natural setting while being easily accessible.

The construction of the Olbia airport and Porto Cervo Marina with space for 700 boats and yachts made reaching the fabulous vacation homes in Costa Smeralda as convenient as possible.

Luxury real estate in Costa Smeralda, Sardinia

Based on the designs by the world famous architects Luigi Vietti, Jacques Couëlle and Michele Busiri Vici who shaped the construction of the first villages the whole of Costa Smeralda features a distinct Mediterranean style with simple shapes, arches and pastel colors that melt into the surrounding scenery. Natural materials are used for luxury properties to blend the human construction and local nature into a harmonious and picturesque refuge from the rest of the world.

Luxury real estate costa smeralda sardinia for sale

Owning a luxury vacation home in Costa Smeralda, Sardinia is a perfect way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, to really take in the beauty of the local landscapes and crystal clear water, while staying in a beautifully constructed estate, an architectural work of art by itself.

Sardinia is an incredibly diverse island where around 25% of the area is environmentally preserved. The mountains enable skiing during winter and the surrounding sea is perfect for sailing. The capital of Sardinia, Cagliari, is the center of local businesses, banking and cultural activities. Several languages are spoken in the island displaying the deep cultural heritage of Sardinia.

Luxury real estate costa smeralda sardinia for sale

Finest luxury properties in Costa Smeralda, Sardinia are in high demand as the weather, abundance of natural parks, crystal clear sea and environmental-friendly development makes the island a perfect location for a top class vacation home.

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