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Dubai is something on its own. The recently poor city on sand has been built up to the greatest heights. Literally, with the Burj Khalifa being the tallest building to date on Earth. It’s definitely one of the most futuristic, extravagant and luxurious cities on the globe. 

Luxury real estate in Dubai

The high-end properties in Dubai are in abundance but equally high is the demand for the best of the best. Dubai has been chosen as one of the best places to live in Middle-East and Africa as it offers constant sunshine, an active and western-style business community, a huge variety of top class services, entertainment and luxuries one could desire.

The main drive for Dubai is aviation, finance, real estate and tourism. Shoppers world-wide gather to Dubai to enjoy its huge selection of luxury goods and low-tax prices.

Luxury real estate in Dubai, UAE for sale

The abundance of wealth is maybe most easily seen on its extravagant real estate development. The massive skyline of residential and commercial towers align along the main highways by the Gulf coast. The crown jewel of this development, Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, rises above all others, a stunning statement of modern marvels of engineering.

The most talented engineers, contractors and architects have all left their mark on the development of Dubai with the most ambitious skyscrapers, supersized entertainment malls, the most extravagant hotels and massive construction of man-made islands like the Palm Jumeirah on the shores of the city, the location for many ultra luxury villas.

Luxury real estate in Dubai, UAE for sale

Dubai is a relatively conservative city, though a tolerant one that is economically and politically stable and welcomes businesses and expats all over the world. English is pretty much an official language and expat community strong, keeping the demand for the finest luxury residential real estate in Dubai high.

Dubai is extremely well connected to the whole world with their own Emirates flight company and huge international airport. UK is just 5 hour flight away and growing presence of Russians, Chinese and wealthy Indians put their mark on the city.

Luxury real estate in Dubai, UAE for sale

Dubai’s favorable tax system encourages foreign investments and attracts wealthy home buyers as the emirate does not impose capital nor inheritance taxes. This flow of money to the city is the catalyst of the development of new luxury real estate, ultra modern residential towers like Le Reve and superbly built villas in the hotspots of the city like the man made island of Palm Jumeirah, golf and lifestyle development of the Emirates Hills and the skyscraper lined Dubai marina on the shores of the Gulf. 

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