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Ibiza is world famous for its wicked summer parties and electronic music originated from the island. But its not only about dancing until sunset that lures people to this Mediterranean paradise.

Luxury real estate in Ibiza

On the shores of the Mediterranean sea and on the hillsides lies a perfect setting for luxury real estate in Ibiza. Away from the tourist hotspots are hidden coves and beaches, connected by scenic roads with fantastic views to the sea. Although Ibiza is only the third largest of the Balearic Islands it is actually 10 times larger than Manhattan and includes plenty of tranquil areas away from the partying crowds.

Luxury home owners in Ibiza enjoy the year round beautiful Mediterranean weather with not so hot summers and mild winters. The island is popular with German, British and Italian expats living or holding a vacation home, making it a polylingual community where speaking and understanding many languages is more a norm than an exception.

In the summer it’s easy to find world class DJ’s performing in the famous clubs every weekend, playing top quality techno and trance music and where the happy people enjoy the music until the sun rises from the Mediterranean. In order not to transform the island to a huge club the local government in Ibiza is pushing new laws to change the party tourism to more family oriented for example forcing to close off parties earlier and demanding all new hotels to be built being 5-star to attract more affluent visitors.

Large part of Ibiza is registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and protected from mass development of the main cities. Luxury villas in Ibiza in these areas are always in high demand as the supply for the land and building restrictions keep the construction of new buildings low and carefully planned to preserve the breathtaking scenery.

In recent years property prices in Ibiza have remained above market average and new luxury real estate developments have grown together with the openings of new fine dining restaurants, clubs, improvements to the marina in the town of Ibiza.

Beautiful nature, enjoyable climate, opportunities for sailing and entertainment has made Ibiza one of the top second or third home destinations for global jet setters looking for naturally beautiful place to take some time off and relax.

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