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Luxury real estate by Lake Geneva, Switzerland

The properties around the lake are praised by affluent home buyers all over the world thanks to their picturesque natural setting between the snow-covered mountaintops and the lake glistering plus the economic and political stability of Switzerland. 

The local traditions, cultural heritage and the region’s natural beauty creates a perfect setting for some of the finest luxury properties around Lake Geneva. It’s a perfect refuge from the eclectic big global cities. A place, where the body and the soul can rest and take in the slow paced lifestyle, cultural heritage and the purity of the surrounding nature.

Luxury real estate lake geneva switzerland for sale

Sailing on the lake or participating in yacht-racing, wine tasting, food and hiking are just some of the activities loved by home owners and visitors by Lake Geneva. Idyllic villages with slow-paced lifestyle, million dollar views and finest luxury properties are lined upon the shoreline of the lake where wealthy individuals, A-list celebrities and business leaders have set up their first or second homes.

It’s not only about fresh air mountain-views though. The city of Geneva is by the lake and the location for many international corporations and it has the highest number of international organizations in the world including agencies of the United Nations and the International Red Cross. The city is second-largest in Switzerland and well connected to all main European destinations, making work travel as fast as effortless as possible.

Luxury real estate lake geneva switzerland for sale

Geneva is ranked as one of the top 10 financial centers of the world for competitiveness and it’s been ranked as having the third-highest quality of life for expatriates. It’s an ideal location for a first or second luxury home where modern amenities, business, abundance of leisurely activities, political connections and incredible natural scenery melt into one perfect place to spend your time in.

The areas surrounding Lake Geneva are popular for expats, writers, musicians and artists and where luxury real estate in Mont Pelerin and Montreux is some the most desired in the region. The Montreux Jazz Festival is known worldwide as well as its famous visitors and residents. Some of the people who had their homes or spent time in the area include Freddy Mercury, Michael Schumacher, Richard Burton, Charlie Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn, David Bowie and Phil Collins.

Luxury Real Estate by Lake geneva Switzerland for Sale

Its natural charm, vibrant expat community, wide variety of cultural events and active lifestyle options like sailing and yachting lure people around the world looking for the finest luxury residential properties by Lake Geneva.

It’s a place to take some time off, enjoy the finest amenities in your home and charge your batteries away from the hectic life of the big cities. It’s a refuge by the mountains while still being easily connected with the rest of the world through the city of Geneva.

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