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London is a global powerhouse of finance, commerce, education, arts, entertainment, transportation and healthcare. It’s been a hub of culture for centuries and home for world-know landmarks like The Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Westminster Palace. 

Finest luxury real estate in London neighbourhoods

Due to its magnetic attraction of wealth, the finest luxury real estate in London is always in high demand to satisfy even the wealthiest home buyers in the world. The most prestigious centric neighborhoods of London like Kensington, Chelsea and Notting Hill attract visitors and home buyers worldwide with their iconic buildings, world class luxury shopping, Michelin-star restaurants and magnificent museums displaying world’s most celebrated art pieces.

Luxury Properties London England United Kingdom for Sale

London with its 12 million people is the largest city in Europe and its undisputed business and finance capital, attracting wealthy consumers all over the world to conduct business, soak in the cultural heritage, shop and to search for the finest luxury properties in the global market.

London is the main location for international corporation’s European headquarters thanks to the abundance of global talent the city attracts. Some of the world’s best universities are just a short drive away from the metropolitan and training ground for the innovators and business leaders of the future that flock to London.

The eclectic mix of different businesses, institutions, education and super busy global flight connections attract world’s top talent and investments to the city, keeping the need for exquisite luxury real estate in London always high. Some of the most extravagant and expensive residential properties can be found in the city and new developments are on their way to set trends in the global property market.

London is one of the most connected cities in the world, with high speed trains going to Paris, Brussels and other major European cities. Its five international airports service flights to every main destination around the world.

Luxury Real Estate London England United Kingdom For Sale

The historic center of London has been featured in so many books, movies, paintings and photos that it has become a symbol and representative of human civilization and culture. Some of the most desired luxury residential properties are situated right next to these world famous landmarks, surrounded by hundreds of years of hisotry and magnificent architecture. 

The diverse selection of the finest properties from the 19th century mansions, piano nobile apartments and modern penthouses in newly built top class residential towers attracts an abundance of wealthy overseas buyers looking for trophy homes in London, one of the global capitals. The open business and financial environment and access to world class higher education makes the city even more desirable for people who want the best of the best for their dollar and London really has it all.

Owning a luxury home in London enables to enjoy the best cuisine, world class entertainment, culture, access to top talent, higher education and businesses, superb flight connections and incredible shopping right on your doorstep.

Luxury real estate market in London is relatively stable as it’s fueled by buyers all around the world in search for the best of the best.

Luxury Real Estate London England United Kingdom for Sale

New construction of the exquisite residential buildings like One Tower Bridge with its extravagant duplex Prospero Penthouse and Chelsea Creek brings a limited selection of new and unique luxury properties to the local market.

London is a city that is the world’s first in many areas. It has the best universities, the most international retailers and ultra-wealthy residents than any other place. Some of the most luxurious and unique residential properties in the world are located in the city. London is the first city to host Olympics three times, it’s a leading center of software development, multimedia and design. The best of everything is concentrated in this welcoming and beautiful global powerhouse.

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