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New York City, the Big Apple, the Capital of the World, is a global powerhouse of finance, business, entertainment, culture, fashion, technology and arts. It attracts Fortune 500 companies, top level diplomats, billionaires and seekers of high culture and shopping.

Luxury real estate in Manhattan, New York City

The finest properties in Manhattan, New York reflect all that magnetic attraction with world famous skyscrapers and some of the most extravagant penthouses and condos in a steady and pricey premium property market. 

Luxury Real Estate in New York City, US for sale

The centric borough of Manhattan is the bustling heart of New York City with abundance of iconic landmarks and famous buildings. Everyone has an image of the brightly illuminated Times Square, Empire State Building, Broadway and Wall Street on their minds and many have been lucky to visit and see it with their own eyes.

The city is a melting pot of languages, with over 800 spoken, making it the most linguistically diverse city in the world. The huge variety of industries and businesses attracts world class innovators, executives and professionals bringing talent and investments to the Big Apple. The Metropolitan area of New York City had a GMP of over $1.39 trillion, ranking first in the US by a wide margin and behind GDP of only twelve countries in the world.

Such great talent, money and culture provides a steady luxury real estate market in New York City with high demand of the finest residential properties money can buy.

Luxury Real Estate in New York City, US for sale

Despite its high population Manhattan is one of the safest big cities in US and is comfortably livable thanks to its diverse and cozy local neighborhoods. 

Manhattan is divided by three larger areas, called Lower Manhattan, Midtown Manhattan and Upper Manhattan. The Lower, also know as Downtown Manhattan, is home for the New York financial district, known as Wall Street. The plentiful of office buildings are surrounded by iconic and much different residential neighborhoods like SoHo with its unique cast-iron architecture and luxury lofts and historic Greenwich village with many small shops, restaurant and services. Some of the most expensive and sought after luxury residential properties in the US are located in West Village with its iconic townhouses surrounded by quiet streets, small businesses and parks.

Midtown Manhattan is the main business district with it’s most iconic skyscrapers like the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building and the new residential highrisers like 432 Park Avenue and 53W53. The United Nation headquarters, Times Square, Broadway and Rockefeller Centre are also located in the area.

Midtown Manhattan is the largest central business district in the world and attracts wealthy business owners and international VIP’s in the hunt for the most luxurious residential real estate as many of the iconic penthouses and condos are located in the area’s famous skyscrapers. Midtown is packed with abundance of fine dining restaurants, luxury shopping, world class entertainment, services and international corporations headquarters.

Luxury Real Estate in New York City, US for sale

Upper Manhattan is normally divided by Upper East Side and Upper West Side. In general, Upper Manhattan is an affluent residential area with fewer businesses and touristy landmarks. The Upper West side is considered the cultural and intellectual hub of the city with Lincoln Centre and Columbia University. The Upper East Side is considered more to be the preferred residential area by commercial and business types.

The incredibly different neighborhoods of Manhattan offer a uniquely attractive property market for wealthy customers in search for luxury homes in the global center of business, entertainment and arts. The high demand for finest homes creates a strong and steadymarket thanks to scarce supply and global attraction.

Manhattan includes a variety of trophy homes in luxury amenity filled Skyscrapers, reformed townhouses and unique Art Deco buildings. New highrisers and developments offer a fresh selection of magnificent condominiums and penthouses for the most demanding customers. 

New York City really has it all. A selection of the finest luxury properties, world class entertainment, culture, fine dining, shopping and access to Fortune 500 companies, CEO’s and diplomats. 

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