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Luxury properties in Paris are some of the most sought after in the world. The city itself needs little introduction. It has been portrayed in countless books, movies, paintings and songs. Paris is and has been a center of fashion, cuisine, science, finance, arts and holds this position strongly today.

Finest luxury real estate in Paris

The City of Light has it all - fantastic cultural heritage, beautiful architecture, endless entertainment, higher education and abundance of business opportunities. It’s a home for the most visited museum in the world – the Louvre and countless global organizations like UNESCO, the International Energy Agency, the International Federation for Human Rights and the European Space Agency.

The charming city has a unique and elegant lifestyle, known as la vie parisienne, and it has to be experienced to be truly understood. The city is superbly connected to the whole world via the busy Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports.

Luxury homes in the most prestigious Paris arrondissments

Paris is made up of 20 arrondissements, or districts, that spiral out from the center in numerical order. The 1st, 8th, 9th, 16th and 17th arrondissements are the main business districts and the 7th, 8th and 16th the most affluent with the finest luxury residential properties in Paris.

Owners of luxury real estate in Paris 7th arrondissement have the highest per average household income in Paris. It includes the historical aristocratic neighborhood of Faubourg Saint-Germain and it’s one of the most sought after and prestigious residential property areas in the world.

Luxury real estate Paris France for sale

The district is located on the “Left” or Southern bank of the River Seine and it’s a home for many world famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Hôtel des Invalides (resting place of Napoleón) and several world famous museums. The area also hosts many foreign embassies and French national institutions and ministries.

Luxury properties in Paris 7th arrondissement has been a home for French aristocracy since the 17th century. Due to many government buildings in the district the area is not as densely populated as many other central areas in Paris. This means more privacy, space and less noise for its lucky residents.

Luxury homes in Paris 7th is located in the vibrant center of Paris in the middle of beautiful historic buildings, iconic landmarks, fine dining, shopping, culture, business, education and entertainment. It’s a true Parisian life, la vie parisienne, with the perfect lifestyle and the most magnificent properties.

Luxury real estate Paris France for sale

Finest luxury properties in Paris 8th district are located in the so called Golden Triangle, between Champs-Elysees and the Seine and it’s a prime residential real estate destination for wealthy foreigners. The 8th district is one of Paris’s main business district and location for several iconic landmarks including the Champs-Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, Place de la Concorde and Élysée Palace, official residence of the President of France.

Thanks to the abundance of businesses Paris 8th is one of the least densely populated areas in the center and its residents can enjoy more space and tranquility around their fabulous homes.

Real estate owners in Paris 8th are surrounded by great schools, headquarters of many global businesses, iconic landmarks, great culture, entertainment, shopping and fine dining.

Finest homes in Paris 8th combines it all, true Parisian living, business, culture, architecture and the vibrant energy of one of the most famous cities in the World.

Paris 16th arrondissement is one of the main business districts and location for many international embassies. It’s one of the most affluent and prestigious residential areas in France, together with Paris 7th and Neuilly-sur-Seine.

The area is well know for its prestigious schools with famous rivalry between Lycée Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague and Saint-Jean-de-Passy, a variety of world famous museums between the Place du Trocadéro and the Place d'Iéna, magnificent 19th century buildings, wide avenues and parks, including the huge 845 hectare Bois de Boulogne. Luxury residential property in Paris 16th is one of the most desired locations in Europe and has long been a selected area of residence for French high society.

Luxury real estate Paris France for saleLuxury real estate Paris France for sale

16th arrondissement is considered one of the richest areas in the city and features uniquely for Paris the famous Auteuil 19th century high society country houses inside exclusive gated communities featuring huge properties surrounded by lush gardens. An unbeatable luxury in the densely populated center of Paris. Because of that it includes some of the most expensive and luxurious properties in France.

The area combines beautiful architecture, abundance of greenery and gardens, unbeatable lifestyle of Paris, world class schools and international sports on the Roland Garros Stadium for French Open in tennis and Parc de Princes for PSG football club games. Real estate in Paris 16th is a truly exclusive and all inclusive living space to enjoy fine dining, shopping, culture and entertainment right on your doorstep.

The area has been featured in several movies, including the controversial Last Tango in Paris and James Bond film Thunderball.

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