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Luxury real estate in the Swiss Alps

The most sought after properties in the Swiss Alps are usually magnificent ski chalets lining aside the hilltops of the famous ski resorts like St Moritz or Davos.

Mountains cover almost two-thirds of Switzerland, making it a truly picturesque country where almost everywhere is a great photo-making opportunity.

The scenic mountain ranges have been the backbone of Switzerland’s image and tourism drive for the last century and it’s one of the top destinations for luxury real estate where wealthy foreigners come to search the finest vacation homes away from the hectic big city life.

Switzerland has the highest number of foreign residents in Europe – 22.8% as the high standard of living, safety, economic and political stability attracts affluent global jet setters to establish their first or second home in this uniquely fascinating country. Plentiful of top-quality ski resorts and summer activities in the nature doesn’t hurt as well.

Thanks to the Swiss government the luxury real estate market has been stable as speculators are few and purchases regulated. Most expats are looking for the finest residential properties around the most famous resorts where buying restrictions are fewer and world-class skiing is right at the doorstep. 

Luxury properties in Swiss Alps range from traditional wooden ski chalets to modern sculptural concrete masterpieces. Even when the homes are on the Alps it’s almost never further than 3h drive from the main cities and airports of Switzerland. The whole country is covered by extensive transport network with public transport going to every mountain village. St. Moritz can even be directly reached by plane via the highest airport in Europe, Engadin Airport, at 1,707 meters.

Connectivity through the Alps has been one of the priorities for Switzerland and as for now extensive rail network goes through the mountain ranges connecting Switzerland with rest of Europe. The latest edition, Gotthard Base Tunnel, is scheduled to be opened 1st of June 2016 and it will be the world’s longest and deepest traffic tunnel which makes travel time for freight and passengers safer, faster and easier.

Switzerland has a high quality of life, low crime and picturesque postcard-views from every mountain village. That’s the reason why luxury residential real estate in Swiss Alps is so valued and desired by locals and internationals alike.

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