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Casa Perla Project, Italy

Casa Perla - a privileged location with a marvelous view over the Mediterranean Sea.

The interior of this coastal residence was created in two levels. The ground floor is designed as day section and the level below as night section. Both levels are designed with an open character to keep the focus on the panoramic view over the Mediterranean Sea. At the ground floor, the interior integrates three functions. The cooking and sitting area are oriented around the fireplace, which divides the floor into two zones. Other materials have been used to design and furnish the entrance zone to create a box-in-box effect. Every function has its own zone inside the house, but altogether every part was deliberately chosen to support the open character of the interior. The colour use of the materials remain intentionally basic to let the panorama outside fill the entire space inside. Materials with white and black tints enhance the architectural lines. The lower floor of the house is divided into three equal zones, where the monumental staircase serves as a functional and aesthetic object in the open space. The mid-area serves as sleeping room, with a glass wall to draw the attention towards the panorama outside. On the right and the left side of de sleeping area is the bathroom and dressing area, equally designed with an entirely glass-made wall focusses on the open landscape view.

Location: Italy
Construction year: 2015


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