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picchio boat
picchio boat by christian grande
picchio boat by christian grande 2
picchio boat by christian grande 5
picchio boat by christian grande 3
picchio boat by christian grande 4
picchio boat by christian grande 6

Picchio Boat by Christian Grande

Picchio Boat yacht concept is a highly innovative catamaran, conceived and penned by Christian Grande. The award-winning designer has conceived and crafted the catamaran de résistance that becomes a nest and a cradle, a reading room, a veranda, or even a personal island. Motor yacht Picchio Boat concept has already become an icon of a different way of life and the perfect yacht to interact with the surrounding natural environment, thanks to a project approach devoted to a lifestyle based on the possession of time, true added value in today’s frantic world, and on the freedom to dispose of one’s own space and enjoy the journey and its stopovers, or blend these all into an unforgettable experience.  A new series of accessories, called “Picchio Extra” further enhance its mainstay making it a milestone for millionaires. The $8 million catamaran will be out in 2015.

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