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Villa Poggio Torselli, Italy

The villa is one of the largest and most elegant residences in the area of the San Casciano Hills, near Florence. Known in the past as the "queen of all villas", it appeared on record as early as 1427 bearing the name of "Poggio Torselli". It was the property of some of the most remarkable patrician families in Tuscany: Macchiavelli, Corsini, Strozzi, Antonori, Capponi and Orlandini, who owned the villa until 1722. The villa's prestigious status drew many important figures, among whom Pope Pius VII - who stopped over on his way to Paris to crown Emperor Napoleon in 1804 - and Paul I, Emperor of Russia. Today the villa is a national monument. The "Season s' Garden", created in the 18th century offers the most astonishing image of its rebirth in April, with the scented blossom of the splendid bulbous plants: narcissus, tulips, hyacinths and many others spring plants such as, in particular, the firittilaria also known as "imperial crown" because of the orange tuft of bell-shaped, pendolous flowers surmounting the bottom of the stem that, thanks to its charme deserved one of the most clamorous nobilty's title of Villa Poggio Torselli. But, not less perfumed and gorgeous is the exotic summer of the garden, crowned by plants of dahlia, sage, multicolour clematis and Indian giant ibiscus. And, in every season, the entire garden is surrounded by the golden crown of 120 secular lemon trees. The big ballroom of the palace, can be suitable, in exceptional occasions, for gorgeous receptions in a luxurious background whose refinement evokes either the noble tradition of the most illustrious guests of Villa Poggio Torselli, or the social standing of the VIP invited today to succeed them enjoying, with its best wines, the exquisite cooking of all the Villa's products.

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