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Namaste Tower in Mumbai, India
Namaste Tower in Mumbai, India
Namaste Tower in Mumbai, India
Namaste Tower in Mumbai, India

W Hotels plans Namaste Tower in Mumbai, India

The W Hotels has unveiled plans for its Namaste Tower scheduled to be open in July, 2015. Namaste Tower is a skyscraper proposed for construction in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

The traditional way of greeting in India is to say ‘Namaste’ by joining the hands together, which indicates that ‘I bow to you’; thereby, negating the ego in front of another. This pose is the source of inspiration for designing this tower. The architecture of the Namaste tower is composed of two wings that are joined together to resemble hands – showing that they are greeting the people in the city. The tower is located on the land of the Ambika mills that is a few meters away from the famous Shangri-La hotel. The nearest station is Lower Parel on the western suburban line. The soaring height of 300 m will be visible from a distance of over 40 km. From the tower, one will be able to get the far away views of the famous Mahalaksmi Race course in south, Mumbai Peninsula, and over the Indian Ocean in the southwest. On the other hand, the vistas in the North East will be of the many other towers that are under construction.

It is certainly this visual appearance that is of utmost significance in rendering the hotel as a major landmark in the city of Mumbai. The lead architect of the tower is WS Atkins and is designed to cater to the scintillating Indian wedding market. Starting in the order from bottom to top, the tower will engulf offices, plant floor, specialty restaurant, standard hotel rooms, plant rooms, spa, Standard club as well as suites, owner’s apartment, plant floor, Sky restaurant, and Sky atrium. Among the suites, expect club rooms with suites, presidential, and royal suites of which the latter two serve as the epitome of opulence with lounge areas and dining rooms. Other amenities include lobby, parking, retail zone, and ball room.

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