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Luxury real estate

We have classified ourselves as a Luxury Property Agency and therefore we would like to clarify what are the characteristics that define luxury property. Wikipedia defines Luxury real estate (or luxury property in British English) as the real estate market niche targeted at the highest socio-economic group of consumers. And also identifies the following main characteristics:

-location (waterfront, golf course, downtown, for example)

-amenities (swimming pools, health club facilities, etc.)

-certain lower price limits (more than $1 million in the US)

The classification also takes into account the presence of surrounding homes, amenities, views, waterfronts, absence of crime-rate, industrialization or unwanted commercialization, customizations of the home, and historical or architectural significance.

We do not really follow the minimum price limits and it is impossible to classify properties under the same criteria as every individual has their own personal needs. We prefer to work with proven developers and successful global brands. Unique concepts and great locations is a must for us. It is important that the properties are built to the highest standard with quality materials and well known designers are a great benefit. A golf-course villa, ski-chalet, waterfront villa or a downtown penthouse - we are out there trying to identify exquisite properties and offer a memorable service to our clients.

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