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tubiq floating house
tubiq floating house
tubiq floating house
tubiq floating house
tubiq floating house
tubiq floating house

tubiQ - Life on the water

tubiQ is a project that sets a new standard of life on water. The innovative concept has overturned the concept of a traditional home and puts living in the classical sense up for discussion, presenting a new dynamic and contemporary vision. tubiQ creates a completely new lifestyle and offers people to live wherever they want and in which way they want.

tubiQ is a modular concept that combines the dynamics and elegance of a boat with a refined living area on at least two levels. A tubiQ is made up of various interchangeable modules which can be fitted and connected to each other in many different ways. Within limits the tubiQ can be designed in full by the customer (length, height, interior design and the number and sizes of the rooms). Built with aluminum and fiberglass, this sturdy construction provides ultimate functionality with comprehensive safety from harsh sea weather.

On demand the tubiQ can be equipped with state of the art electric engines and solar panels. This, combined with a water system that represents the finest level of liquid filtration, makes the tubiQ totally self supporting. tubiQ makes it possible to enjoy your floating life anywhere you wish. 

tubiQ is designed by Marcello Ligabue, produced by Teknokat Marine S.r.l. and is available in two basic versions: tubiQ48 (one deck) and the tubiQ59 (two decks). The tubiQs can be delivered fully furnished or casco with a price that varies from 240.000 € to 590.000 € ex VAT.


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