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Minotticuccine | modern kitchens

the history of minotticucine started in 1949 in valpolicella. in its first 20 years the company - founded by adriano minotti - manufactured doors, windows and furniture. in the 60s the entrepreneur noticed, and thus specialised on, a new and increasingly sector-oriented market trend: the kitchen environment. for nearly 30 years minotticucine manufactured modern kitchens following the traditional model of american kitchens. at the beginning of the 90s adriano passes the company management on to his son alberto who in 1999 changed the style and market positioning of the brand minotti cucine. alberto identified a design path defined as “mediterranean minimalism” and “essentialism”. it is also particularly responsive to the local context where stones are treated and cut.

a further valuable aspect of minotti cucine is its custom-made approach: each project is unique, designed and manufactured to satisfy every single and exclusive need.

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