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"Aircruise" a Floating Luxury Hotel Airship

A leading design and innovation company Seymourpowell has unveiled full details of its visionary transportation concept, Aircruise - a giant, vertical airship powered by natural energy and designed to carry travellers in style and luxury. Originally a self-generated project, Seymourpowell's Aircruise is the concept design for a hotel in the sky, with low passenger numbers and huge internal spaces offering room for living, dining and relaxing, as well as scope for dramatic and inspirational public spaces. The initial design proposes a bar/lounge zone, four duplex apartments, a penthouse and five smaller apartments. The ship boasts a cutting-edge ecofriendly design, is powered by solar panels and hydrogen fuel cells, and has virtually no environmentally damaging emissions. And it looks mindblowingly awesome. The ship will have rooms and decks that allow flyers to view their surroundings out of gigantic panel windows as they walk around. There's even going to be a glass-floored viewing room for people who can handle it, having managed to totally suppress whatever sound instincts nature endowed them with. The airship will be controlled by six crew members who operate in shifts, while 14 staff members take care of passenger needs. 

Proposed conceptual specifications for Aircruise as follows: 

from the docking rig at the base to the tip, the ship is 265 metres tall. Hydrogen, the lightest gas, is used as the lifting gas, and is capable of lifting around 1.2Kg per cubic metre of volume. Large PEM hydrogen fuel cells will provide on board power and some drinking water. The volume of the main envelope in the ship is calculated at 330,000 cubic metres, which equals 396,000 Kg of available lift at sea level (1,000Kg = 1 Tonne (t)).


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