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Top Retail Streets in the World, 2011

The information and data provided is from the latest edition of MAIN STREETS ACROSS THE WORLD 2011 - based on a comprehensive survey of Cushman & Wakefield’s international offices.  J.Clydesdale Cushman and Bernard Wakefield founded Cushman & Wakefield as a property management company in New York City on October 31, 1917. Today it is the world's largest privately held real estate services firm.

"Notwithstanding a fragile economic recovery and subdued consumer sentiment in many countries, prime rents rebounded strongly (4.8%) over the year to June, supported by a combination of growth among a raft of successful brands, aggressive retailer expansion in emerging markets and fi erce competition for the best and most high-profi le global shopping locations. In stark contrast to 2009/2010, among the 278 locations surveyed, the number showing rental growth (141) considerably exceeded sites seeing rental declines (45). Th e extent of correction was, however, highly varied and driven by a range of factors, linked to both structural changes and economic conditions."

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