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VARDA - online asset management system

Verzun Property Collection is recommending a new web-based system for asset management.

Introducing VARDA - a premiere online online lifestyle and estate management system. VARDA's innovative web-based system is an anytime, anywhere lifestyle & estate management platform that truly allows high-net worth individuals to become masters of their home(s) and associated assets. 

The VARDA system catalogues your estate(s) replete with photos, videos, detailed asset maps, descriptions of each asset, warranty information, user manuals, assignable contacts, assignable tasks such as maintenance and repair, and more. You can easily access each of your properties online via a secure private interface that features an accurate and interactive floorplan for each home. This extensive asset catalogue provides extremely detailed information in case of loss through fire, flood, earthquake, theft, or any other adverse circumstance, which in turn provides you with peace of mind knowing that your home(s) and assets are properly documented for insurance purposes. Further, you can also grant restricted access to the details of each property to anyone within your organization, such as your property manager, personal assistant, or even guests that might be visiting one of your homes.

Contact us for pricing and further details.


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