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Azerbaijan Tower: The Next Tallest Building in the World

According to an article in News.Az – Nehramli, president of the Avesta Group of Companies, plans to erect the next world’s tallest building on one of a group of artificial islands in the Caspian Sea, southwest of the country’s capitol city, Baku. The proposed Azerbaijan Tower is said to be 3,445 ft (1.050m) tall, beating the proposed Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia by 164 ft. Built by Avesta Consern in a bid to develop the Khazar Islands, this Azerbaijan Tower will feature 189 floors. Around the tower, 41 artificial islands would come up occupying 2,000 hectares. The cost of building the tower alone is expected to cost US$2 billion, and the entire city will cost about $100 billion. The Azerbaijan Tower upon completion will tower over both Dubai’s Burj Khalifa by a staggering 220 meters, and stand taller than Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Tower by a smaller, yet commanding, 50 meters.

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