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Nurai Water Villa
Nurai construction progress

Nurai Island Villas in Abu Dhabi - Update 2010 Q1

Nurai is the Emirates’ most sought after private island - an island of inspiration, delighting the senses and offering lifestyle without parallel. Nurai is home to a single, world-class, boutique resort and a limited number of breathtaking exclusive Beachfront Estates and Water Villas. 

2010 Q1 updated prices: Water villas $6,050,000     Beachfront estates $13,350,000

Abu Dhabi ends 2009 with stronger local and foreign asset position, higher financial flexibility and a brighter outlook for the year ahead. Its strong fundamentals extend beyond the fact that it is the world's 4th largest oil producer and the owner of the world's largest sovereign wealth fund currently estimated at US$470-740 billion. Abu Dhabi is recognized for its progressive policies of economic diversification which reinforce its integration with the global economy - all resulting in projections of real GDP reaching US$179 billion in 2010 and quadrupling to over US$315 billion by 2025. According to Standard & Poor's Financial Services LLC, Abu Dhabi Government's net asset position is estimated to be more than 300% of GDP in 2009 and 320% in 2010 - one of the highest among rated sovereigns. Per capita GDP is expected to average around US$75,000 over the next three years - a rate that is higher than that of most 'AA' rated peers.

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